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Kinderland Preschool Logo
Kinderland Preschool Logo
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Head Of Admission

Ms. Yuli & Ms. Vera


Curriculum Basis

Kinderland Preschool Singapore


School Terms / Semester

4 Terms / Year :
Term 1 - July to September
Term 2 - October to December
Term 3 - December to March
Term 4 - March to May


Monthly Fee


Contact Us

Jl. Bonavista Raya, Bona Indah Housing Complex
Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan 12440

T:(021) 7692988 / (021) 7691655
F:(021) 7692989


‘Where the Love for Learning Grows’

Kinderland Preschool believes that every child has the potential to be the best he or she can be. By preserving the excitement and wonder of childhood, children will be excited by the joy of learning and become lifelong learners. Kinderland’s objectives are to excite children about learning through participation in innovative and stimulating programs, to enhance the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of the child and to encourage parental involvement in the education of their children.


The curriculum, developed by Kinderland’s team of Child development and education specialists and overseas consultants, is both comprehensive and challenging. Part of Kinderland’s main objectives is to provide quality Pre School and educational services and to participate in community services.


About Kinderland Bonavista:
All Kinderland centers are quality controlled by Kinderland Preschool Singapore to maintain a high standard of safety and education. Each Kinderland center provides a warm, friendly and homey environment that is safe and fun for the children where they receive the nurturing benefits of our experienced teachers and staff. Our teachers are trained and experienced in facilitating children’s learning, identifying their strength, aiming to challenge their skills and enhance their unique and individual rate of development. The key to our success is the combination of our professional and caring teachers, the well structured curriculum and the support of parents and class mums to equip our children with a strong educational foundation for their future. At Kinderland Preschool, we strive to maintain our children’s health by providing a balanced and delicious meal for the children which the children really look forward to. Moreover, most of our centers are located at an inset from the main roads, thus providing fresher air for the children to enjoy a well balanced routine of healthy indoor and outdoor activities that keep them fit, inquisitive, happy and eager for another day in school.

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Ilham Ramanda

"Personaly i know this person who develop he is hard worker and the one who you can trust to."

Atik Nur Hasanah Rahmawati

"Congratulation for creating this wonderful website,, I am sure that it will be very useful for us in teaching and learning field,,, Good wishes for the next development ,,May God bless us,,,"